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Working from Home – how to keep focused

18 Mar

Working from Home – how to keep focused

With the current situation, more and more of us are being told to work from home. I thought I would share a few tips that are keeping people focused and motivated:

1. Find a comfortable workspace (NOT your bed or sofa) where you won’t be distracted by others!

2. Write a to do list and work your way through each task one by one.

3. Figure out when you are most productive – I am one to start working as soon as I’m up (after my first cuppa), mid morning exercise break, then I will get my head down for the rest of the day with a few short lunch and tea (obligatory snack) breaks.

4. Get some music on! Match your music with the task at hand; a little R&B throwback whilst powering through my emails/LinkedIn messages to calmer/slower playlists when I’m writing emails, headhunting etc.

5. Get out of the house – before we are on lockdown. There are always sarcastic comments when you say you’ve just got back from a jog or cycle at 10:00am but I’ve been working since 6:45. A break is deserved, good for productivity levels and something you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty about.

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