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At Marathon we recognise that when you have made the decision to try something new, you want us to really listen to what you are looking for. It might be a better package, more autonomy, an improved working environment or change of sector. Either way we would love to hear from you.

Signing On Fees

Why shouldn’t you get a signing on fee? Rec to Recs paying referrals is a bit like the companies that offer special offers for new customers but not their existing ones. Marathon recruitment are happy to pay you the same referral fee if you come to us directly and give us the exclusivity we need to represent you as best we can. Contact us to find out more.


If you have a friend or colleague that wants to move, please let us know. We will do everything we can for them and won’t let you down. We value your recommendations and want to reward you for thinking of us and pay fees of up to £1000 for successful placements. Contact us for more information.

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Happy Employees

I would like to highly recommend the service offered by John Bennett at Marathon Recruitment and his devotion to ensuring his clients happiness. John took time out of his personal schedule to deal with the recruitment process and always went above and beyond for information and offering his advice. I would certainly recommend John and Marathon as a recruiter of choice who certainly make their clients feel valued and get the result desired.


I was so impressed with how quickly Charlotte was able to secure interviews for me. Marathon are the first Rec to Rec that have actually done what they said they would, with thorough preparation for my interviews and valuable insight into the companies I was meeting. Charlotte and John were always available for advice and updates when it suited me. I love my new job. Thanks for your help.


We may contact you from time to time with a potential vacancy we think might suit. Be assured that if we do we will have done our research and will have a definite and specific role in mind that we believe you are suitable for. We don’t just fish.


We might only help you once or several times over the years, but we always want you to think of us first when it’s time for you or someone you know to change. We understand how recruitment works, and it is by providing the best possible service so you use us again and recommend us to others. You may even become a client as your career develops and choose us again.

Sometimes the Grass is Greener

If you don’t think you are appreciated where you are and want to feel more involved and engaged with your goals, sometimes moving somewhere new is the answer. If you have experience at any level in recruitment and are genuinely motivated to try somewhere new. We will know the best company to match your goals.

Why Aren't You Happy Where You Are?

At Marathon we don’t just try to talk you out of your job. After discussing your reasons for wanting to leave, we will give you the best and most honest advice we can, even if that means advising you to try and resolve the issues you have with your current employer. If it really is time to move on then we will of course go out of our way to help you with the next step in your recruitment career.

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